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DeniseAre you looking for a speaker for your association or event? Conference speaking is all about interesting, current topics. So why not provide your guests with information that is current and useful for their business?

Denise Gervais has been public speaking her entire career and has been featured in over 30 countries. Involved in WSI and Internet Marketing since 1997, Denise has a unique talent of making technology easy for everyone to understand.

Denise takes what can be a confusing technology topic and turns it into a language that any business owner can understand. Your guests will leave her seminar knowing what they need to do and how it will impact them on a business level. Opt for a change when it comes to booking speakers for your next event. Delve into the latest technological trends and how they can impact your members’ business.

A few of the topics that Denise can help your guests or members better understand include:

• Digital marketing
• Web design
• Content marketing
• Email marketing
• Pay per click campaigns
• Search engine optimization
• Conversion architecture
• Social media

Bottom line is if your audience are business owners and Presidents wondering how to maximize the quantity and quality of sales leads from their websites – Book Denise today!

Give your guests the technological edge they need to help improve their business at your next speaking engagement.

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